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Connect your Saleor ecommerce platform with your content in Storyblok.

Saleor is an enterprise open-source, headless commerce platform. Modern commerce requires developers to take commerce everywhere and Saleor's API solves this difficult commerce problem for developers freeing them to focus on delivering revolutionary frontend experiences.

By using the Saleor plugin within Storyblok, users can quickly access and select products and collections from their Saleor account and bring them to their content in Storyblok. This integration allows you to build and update your online store content with Storyblok’s headless CMS, delivering a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

How to set up

In the block library, select a block to edit. Add a new field, set the Field Type to Plugin, and set the Custom Type to saleor.

Configure the options:

  • endpoint (required): The Saleor API URL (e.g.:
  • limit (optional): The maximum number of selected items.
  • selectOnly (optional): Provide the value product to disable the category tab, so that the users only can select products. Provide the value category to disable the product catalog tab, so that users only can select categories.