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Storyblok GmbH
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Merge your commercetools ecommerce platform with Storyblok.

Commercetools is a leading composable commerce platform, allowing companies to dynamically tailor and scale shopping experiences across markets.

The commercetools app provides a seamless connection between your e-commerce platform and your content within Storyblok. Whether you run a digital store, an online marketplace, or any other type of e-commerce venture, this integration enhances your ability to manage and present content.

How to set up

In the block library, select a block to edit. Add a new field, set the Field Type to Plugin, and set the Custom Type to sb-commercetools.

Configure the options:

  • endpoint (required): The API url to an instance of commercetools (format: https://api.{region}{projectKey}).
  • clientId (required): The client ID
  • clientSecret (required): The client secret.
  • locale (required): The language locale (e.g.: en)
  • limit (optional): The maximum number of selected items.
  • selectOnly (optional): Provide the value product to disable the category tab, so that the users only can select products. Provide the value category to disable the product catalog tab, so that users only can select categories.