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Export Translatable Fields
Export content item for usage in translation tools.
Export Translatable Fields


  • Exclude fields from export
  • XML and JSON format
  • Exported file compatible with translation tools like Trados, LingoHub and more

When installing this app the button "Export" will be added at the Story's config tab.

Usage with field level translation

The recommended workflow for using the import and export functionality together with field type translation feature is like following:

  1. Install the "Import" and "Export" app.
  2. Define your languages in the space settings.
  3. Beginn by filling in content in the default language.
  4. Select the language you want to translate from the menu bar.
  5. Go to the config tab of the content item and click export.
  6. Use the exported file in the translation tool of your choice to translate the default language to your target language.
  7. Import the translated language using the import button with the target language selected from the menu bar.