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Storyblok GmbH
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Setup a content staging workflow with pipelines.


  • Multiple content pipeline stages
  • One click deployment from one pipeline stage to another
  • Preview functionality
  • Access tokens for each branch

When installing this app the pipelines management toolbar will be added at the content browser.

Be sure to adapt your api calls to include right access tokens like described in the branches documentation.

Pipeline stages are read only and therefore can be used to securely deploy your content and allow your editors to change their content in a release workflow set-up. This app is not suited for development, staging and production set-ups for your frontend development, as the stages are read-only and one way. If you're looking for a way to set-up multiple environments for your development rather than your content team you can create multiple spaces by duplicating your production space instead.

Note: Branches got renamed to Pipelines, no further steps necessary; Some Documentation might still refer to Pipeline Stages as "Branch".