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Start your next website project with a Design System on board and create your next digital experience faster, more consistent, and sustainably than ever.

Main Benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: Provides a direct linkage between kickstartDSā€™s Design System and Storyblok, allowing for real-time visual consistency and updates within the CMS.
  • Comprehensive Design System: Access to a wide array of UI components and design presets developed from 20 years of web design experience, optimized for use in creating content rich marketing web experiences.
  • Component Variants as Presets: Enables the utilization of component variants from the Design System as presets in Storyblok, offering enhanced customization and flexibility in content presentation.
  • Instant deployment: The starter is ready to use, with direct and instant deployment options for Netlify or Vercel. It also includes a small getting started page, to surface possible next steps to take.
  • Theming & Design Token: is an integral part of the included Design System, and kickstartDS in general. We include 4 distinct token sets to choose from when starting!