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If you don’t have a shopware account yet, they offer a 30-days trial.

Since Shopware utilizes salesChannels extensively and offers its own API for the salesChannels, we’ll need the salesChannelKey {2}, which you can find in the settings of the Sales Channel {1}.

Shopware Saleschannel

Once you have your credentials, you can jump to configuring your plugin within your Storyblok space. You will need the following two options:

option value
endpoint (required)
salesChannelKey (required) string - generated from the step above

Legacy Versions

As there is the option for self hosting Shopware, we provide the plugin sb-shopware for our customers running instances using Shopware API v3. If you decide to upgrade your Shopware instance, just switch to the plugin sb-shopware64.

For the legacy field-type to work we’ll need a few additional access keys: the access key and the secret access key.

To retrieve the tokens go to Administration -> Account Settings {1} -> System {2} -> Integrations {3}

Shopware API

For our plugin we will need Read access {1}. Copy the Access key ID {2} and the Secret access key {3}.

Shopware Create Endpoint

In addition to the endpoint and salesChannelKey explained in the previous section, you need to provide the following two options when configuring your plugin.

option value
accessKey (required) string - generated from the step above
secretAccessKey (required) string - generated from the step above