If you don’t have a shopware account yet, they offer a 30-days trial. For the eCommerce field-type to work we’ll need to get a few different access keys: the access key, secret access key and sales channel key.

To retrieve the tokens go to Administration -> Account Settings {1} -> System {2} - > Integrations {3}

Shopware API

For our plugin we will need Read access {1}. Copy the Access key ID {2} and the secret access key {3}.

Shopware Create Endpoint

Since Shopware works strongly with salesChannels and offers its own API for the salesChannels, we’ll also need the salesChannelKey {2}, which you can find in the settings of the Sales Channel {1}.

Shopware Saleschannel

Once you have all your credentials, you can jump to configuring your plugin within your Storyblok space. You will need to following four options:

option value
endpoint (required)
accessKey (required) string - generated from the step above
secretAccessKey (required) string - generated from the step above
salesChannelKey (required) string - generated from the step above