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If you don’t have a Commercetool store already, you can create a trial store for 60 days. Since Commercetools has different API endpoints, you’ll need the following endpoints, which we get from Settings -> Developer Settings {1} -> Create new API client {2}.

Commercetool Endpoint

We will only need a few basic access scopes: View Categories & Products:

Commercetool Api Settings
Commercetool Tokens

To set up our project, we will need the project_key {1}, the client_id {2}, the secret {3} and the API URL {1}. Since the API reads products based on locales, you will also need to provide one of your locales to the Storyblok plugin, which you can find under Settings -> Project Settings {1} next to the language you want to use {2}.

Commercetools Locale

Once you have all your credentials, you can jump to configuring your plugin within your Storyblok space. The endpoint will be a combination of your project_key and your API URL. You will need to following four options:

option value
endpoint (required)
clientId (required) string - generated from the step above
clientSecret (required) string - generated from the step above
locale (required) string - e.g. (en-EN, de-DE)