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BigCommerce offers a great headless API that we can connect to the Storyblok eCommerce field-type. If you don’t have a BigCommerce store already, you can create a trial store.

Creating a BigCommerce API User & Storefront Token

Next, you'll need to create an API user with the necessary scopes to get API credentials that will allow you to successfully read and write data from the BigCommerce APIs. The scopes that you will need for Storyblok to read your product information are:

  • Products: read-only

BigCommerce API

To get the credentials go to Advanced Settings {1} -> API Accounts {2}.

Big Commerce Credentials
BigCommerce tokens

You can also follow this detailed tutorial to create an API user account in your store. Once you added your API User, we will create a Storefront Token here. You will need the credentials you just created to get a bearer token {1}. The allowed_cors_origin should be .

BigCommerce token

Once you have all your credentials, you can jump to configuring your plugin within your Storyblok space. You will need to following two required options:

option value
token string - generated from the step above