How to duplicate a space?

Storyblok allows you to duplicate your project at any time. This can be useful if you want to bootstrap another project with the same components as an already existing project of yours.

1. Press “Create new Space”

Press “Create new Space” in the main sidebar on the left.

Create new Space

2. Stay on “I want to … create a new space”

Stay on “I want to … create a new space” and enter the new name for the duplicated space.

Want new space

3. Click on “Advanced Options”

Advanced Options

4. Choose the origin space

You can now choose the origin Space you want to duplicate from. Make sure to stay with API/SDKs only if you’re not using the Storyblok Rendering Service.

Choose your space

5. Final Step: Press “Create Space”

Press “Create Space” and wait till you will be redirected to the Dashboard of your new Space. This can take several minutes since all your content entries will be duplicated. The uploaded assets will not be duplicated but will reference the resources of the origin space.

Press and Wait