What is a Boilerplate?

If you want to use your server or have already an existing project in which you want to integrate Storyblok you can use one of our boilerplates:


  • Routing (/home/ will directly render the story with the slug home).
  • Helper Functions (Filters for URLs, Markdown and much more)
  • Custom Helper Functions (Define and implement your own server-side helpers)
  • Integration of the Client Library for PHP or Client Library for Ruby
  • Local development environment
  • Default builds with gulp for your styles & scripts
  • Simple configuration

If you don’t want to start with one of our boilerplates, you can just access all your stories using our Content Delivery API directly or check out one of our Themes for free hosting.

How can I start with a boilerplate

The most efficient way to start a storyblok project as a developer would be our Command Line Interface.

command line
> npm i storyblok-cli -g
> storyblok