Content Building


This documentation is out of date. Please checkout our new documentation: Introduction about this topic.

Creating the right content types and components that fits your needs cannot happen without determining what your content looks like. This is where content building comes into play. Content building means defining the schema of your content at an modular level.

Concept Storyblok

Once the design/wireframing process is finished your developers can start to analyze them. Based on the designs, developers need to identify the schema of content types and components that needs to be created in Storyblok. Developers can then start with actually creating the content type by adding relevant fields with their correct types and nested components.

1. Check your Goals/Designs

With a basic design that is shared with you developers determine which type of content is needed. Together with the content creator, developers can analyze which content types are needed.

2. Pinpoint your content schema

Based on the finished designs, developers identify the kind of content type to be created and the fields that will be included within the content type. Fields and repeatable components need to be defined and added to get an optimized and reusable content type.

3. Configure your content types

Now that we know the schema of the content, it is time to begin defining your content type.

  • Depending on the type of content you can create a folder that contains those types. For example, if we want to create multiple blog articles we are better of creating a folder and add our Stories of the “post” in that.
  • Define your set of fields for your content types so our client can automatically generate the forms for your content creators.
  • Look out for repeatable/nestable set of fields that can be combined in components, such as multiple columns, image carousels with multiple slides.