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Empower your teams & get a 582% ROI: See Storyblok's CMS in action

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Enterprise CMS Built to Scale

Streamline content management and build personalized content experiences across markets. Storyblok helps your enterprise boost productivity and drive business goals.

Trusted CMS by leading Enterprises in 130+ countries

Your Way to Modern Content

Storyblok's CMS for enterprise empowers all teams to create standout content experiences faster.

Visual Editor

Enable non-technical teams to make changes themselves with an intuitive visual editor.

  • Visual editing with live preview
  • Drag and drop components
  • Collaboration workflows


Easily expand to new markets faster by delivering personalized content experiences.

  • Personalization tools
  • Field & Folder level translation
  • Third-party localization integrations

Headless Architecture

Our enterprise CMS architecture allows your engineering teams to choose the technologies they want to work with

  • Integrates with every framework
  • Publish across every channel and device
  • Boost security and performance

Organization Manager

Get an overview of all your spaces and manage your users and subscriptions.

  • User Management
  • Configure all spaces
  • Change settings and subscriptions

Digital Asset Manager

The only enterprise CMS with a built-in, full-service single source for all your assets.

  • Asset Management
  • Content & Asset CDN
  • Image Service & Editor

Built to scale your Enterprise

Storyblok helps your enterprise scale users, security, content, and support needs.

Enterprise Security

Industry-leading ISO 27001 certified security and protection.

Extended Support & Services

The highest level of support and service provided at all times.

Predictable Pricing

No unpleasant surprises when you scale your content.

GDPR Compliance

Policies and services that adhere to GDPR and privacy regulations.

Single Sign-On

Storyblok supports an extensive amount of SSO providers


Integrate with many third-party tools and eCommerce platforms.

Enterprises of all industries scale with Storyblok

How Oatly built 16 global websites in just two months

16 websites built in 2 months
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How Wüsthof launched a global direct-to-consumer site in 3 months

50% Increase in Revenue
50% Increase in traffic
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Marc O'Polo's journey to create content-driven experiences

2 Days For first prototype
14 Days To fully implement Storyblok
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How Made People used Storyblok to optimize growth and rebrand for Stronger

50% Traffic increase within 6 months
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How Green Paper Products achieved built-in scalability with headless approach

25% Increase in direct traffic conversion rates
16% Decrease in sitewide bounce rate

How Spendesk scaled its B2B SaaS website: moving from two CMSs to Storyblok

3 Months of 1000+ Blog Post Migrations
6 Month Migration from another Headless CMS
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WebinarGeek’s move to a cutting-edge internationalized site

12% Lower bounce rate
50 Boost of speed score
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How Kaleido switched from Wordpress to Storyblok

3600+ Pages
10 Languages
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Lano's 5-day migration of 1000+ pages to Storyblok

5 Days 1000+ page migration
1 Hour Onboarding
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Tesla's Innovative Kiosk System built on Storyblok

2 weeks To connect web app and Storyblok
Read case study

Renault's digital museum created by Razorfish

6 months To design, build and market.
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How Flybondi built a seamless passenger experience

3 Markets
2 Languages
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How the Shell Recharge team and users across Europe experience an online eco-system for their e-mobility needs wherever they are

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How Fundbox solved their content management issues

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How Fortnox maximized their site production process’s efficiency

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How money.com.au propelled their site performance with Storyblok

100% Improvement of turnaround time
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How Yoco rebranded to become South Africa’s biggest payment solution provider using Storyblok

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How ProWritingAid saw an 30% increase in organic traffic to site in 3 months

30% Organic traffic increase
3 Months of implementation
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How Education First built an entire global site with more than 9000 pages, containing over 54 language variations

8 Weeks Development time
1 Hour To Q&A
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How Mindvalley cut down development time for their multilingual websites

2X Increase in launch time
50% Decrease in development time
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582% : The Highest Proven ROI on the Market

Storyblok commissioned Forrester Consulting to estimate its potential impact on existing and future customers using its Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology.

  • Quote from Philipp Leuenberger, Head of B2B Digital Management at UPC Schweiz GmbH

    Storyblok is a user friendly and powerful headless CMS. The visual editor helps you to build pages with a few clicks and the time to market shrinks dramatically. Storyblok is awesome! Start working with it today and you will see for yourself.

    Philipp Leuenberger
    Philipp Leuenberger
    Head of B2B Digital Management at UPC Schweiz GmbH
  • Quote from Johannes De Zordo, Senior Frontend Developer at Marc O'Polo

    Storyblok is a great fit for our needs. Developers appreciate the API-based system and how simple it is to use. Business users also love the interface with real-time preview with the Visual Editor.

    Johannes De Zordo
    Johannes De Zordo
    Senior Frontend Developer at Marc O'Polo
  • Quote from Jeremy Butler, Head of Consumer Business, Marketing & Content at Sydney FC

    The biggest win for us in using Storyblok has been the flexibility it provides us when having to make changes to the content structure. We, as marketers, can independently execute these changes without having to involve developers. And because of that our initial plan for the site changed.

    Jeremy Butler
    Jeremy Butler
    Head of Consumer Business, Marketing & Content at Sydney FC
  • Quote from Jonathan Selander, CEO at Made People

    “We want to give our clients an easy start and grow with their technology stack as the business grows, without having to change the whole architecture. With Storyblok, we have the perfect CMS. We can start fast, and simply expand it as we keep tapping into new markets.”

    Jonathan Selander
    Jonathan Selander
    CEO at Made People
  • Quote from Joseph Testa, Managing Director of Development at Vividfront

    Working with a combination of Storyblok and Shopify gives us the opportunity to focus on every step of the customer journey while keeping the things we like. Shopify's checkout process is safe and secure, while Storyblok serves as our content management system that provides flexibility and scalability globally. It gives us complete control over the frontend, which is our content and our customer's experience.

    Joseph Testa
    Joseph Testa
    Managing Director of Development at Vividfront
  • Quote from Lavinia Rossi, Digital Marketing Specialist at Kaleido AI

    The editing and publishing workflow in WordPress was cumbersome. Thanks to Storyblok, we were able to cut editing time in half, and we (the content team) can work more independently from development, which makes scaling our content efforts globally way easier

    Lavinia Rossi
    Lavinia Rossi
    Digital Marketing Specialist at Kaleido AI
  • Quote from Ziggy Fried, CTO / Director of eCommerce at Magical Mushroom Company®

    Everyone involved in this project has been wow-ed by the end result and Storyblok. From a developer's perspective, it was very easy to set up a quite complicated layout. From the point of view of our Website Manager, being able to see what you are editing in real time in the Visual Editor is impressive.

    Ziggy Fried
    Ziggy Fried
    CTO / Director of eCommerce at Magical Mushroom Company®
  • Quote from Tomasz Kordyś , Head of Delivery at Naturaily

    When it came to upgrading BGL's decade-old site, giving a tech-neutral team the power to manage their content easily and efficiently was crucial. Storyblok made that facile with its Visual Editor and user-friendly interface, essentially bridging the gap for those not steeped in technology.

    Tomasz Kordyś
    Tomasz Kordyś
    Head of Delivery at Naturaily
  • Quote from Saad Siddiqui, Engineering Lead at Mindvalley

    Storyblok is very user-friendly for new team members, regardless of their tech knowledge. We use Storyblok so teams can create pages and work on projects without always needing help.

    Saad Siddiqui
    Saad Siddiqui
    Engineering Lead at Mindvalley
  • Quote from Rowin Peet, Product Owner at Accell Group

    Moving content to Storyblok is simple. You can start right away and copy spaces and content to fit your brand. Since everything is built using the same parts, you can use one brand's space for another project and add content right away.

    Rowin Peet
    Rowin Peet
    Product Owner at Accell Group
  • Quote from Rikard Demitz-Helin, Product Owner for Team Greenhouse | Fortnox

    The Visual Editor in Storyblok is amazing to work with as an editor or as a user. That is one of the absolute biggest upsides.

    Rikard Demitz-Helin
    Rikard Demitz-Helin
    Product Owner for Team Greenhouse | Fortnox
  • Quote from Prosper Chiduku, Software Engineer at Mindvalley

    I'm amazed at how powerful the CMS is when I think about our time before Storyblok. There's still a lot more to explore.

    Prosper Chiduku
    Prosper Chiduku
    Software Engineer at Mindvalley
  • Quote from Merel IJpelaar, Online Marketeer at Iquality

    From a marketing point of view Storyblok make your life way easier. Content can be arranged with the reusable building blocks, and we can publish it across all channels.

    Merel IJpelaar
    Merel IJpelaar
    Online Marketeer at Iquality
  • Quote from Matthias Knoche, VP of Product at McMakler

    What we learned to love about Storyblok is how simple it is to do exactly what you want on top and next to it. It’s effortless to connect, integrate, communicate, and collaborate. With whatever complexity there is, you can easily rebuild and maneuver the system - it is not limiting at all, it’s, in fact, a foundation.

    Matthias Knoche
    Matthias Knoche
    VP of Product at McMakler

Empowered Teams Drive Business Goals

Tell us about your requirements, technology, and project, and discover how Storyblok can enable your teams to become more agile and efficient.

  • Predictable Pricing
  • Extended Activity Log
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • Organization Analytics
  • User Management
  • Custom Workflows
  • Restricted IP address range
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Forced 2FA
  • SCIM (Optional)
  • Extended Support (Optional)
  • Single Sign On (Optional)