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Empower your teams & get a 582% ROI: See Storyblok's CMS in action

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The Headless CMS for marketers

Storyblok isn't just for developers, it's a CMS that is highly valued by all teams.

Made for Marketers

Storyblok's CMS provides everything marketers need to create the best digital experiences.

Visual Editing Experience

Own your content. Simply create, edit, and publish content independently from the development team.

  • Live Visual Editing experience
  • Drag and drop components
  • Extensive collaboration tools

Highest Performance

Create content that is fast, optimized for search engines, and tailored to your users.

  • 3x faster webpages
  • In-app SEO tools
  • Personalization and localization

Your Content Everywhere

Reach your audiences everywhere and manage all content from 1 CMS.

  • Omni-channel publishing
  • Manage all content within 1 project
  • Consistent, qualitative content

Quotes of Storyblok customers.

  • Quote from Jon Simpson, Chief Architect at Education First

    Development time for a new, global multilingual site went from 4-6 months to around 8 weeks.

    Jon Simpson
    Jon Simpson
    Chief Architect at Education First
  • Quote from Lukas Brand, CEO at Vertex Media

    Storyblok is our go-to solution to create flexible, scalable, and maintainable high-performance web solutions. The ease of extendability and their drive to offer the best in the market content management system make them our preferred partner in creating excellent and innovative solutions.

    Lukas Brand
    Lukas Brand
    CEO at Vertex Media
  • Quote from Andreas Sauer, Co-founder at take it_

    Why we love Storyblok? With Storyblok's Visual Editor, you can customize the content of your website easily in real-time! For us one of the best CMS systems. Simple, intuitive, and fast.

    Andreas Sauer
    Andreas Sauer
    Co-founder at take it_
  • Quote from Alex Volkov, Marketing Solutions Architect

    "We wanted to move towards Jamstack, so we were looking at various headless systems and evaluating them in more detail. When comparing Storyblok with Contentful, GraphCMS, and DatoCMS, we soon realized that two main points set Storyblok apart:

    First, the visual editing experience for our marketing team was superior to others. Second, Storyblok’s component-based approach would allow Fundbox to create components that can be customized, nested, and filled with content."

    Alex Volkov
    Alex Volkov
    Marketing Solutions Architect

Key Benefits

Storyblok brings everything marketers need to create the best digital experiences.

Visual Editor

Create content independently from your development team and improve your time-to-market.


Launch content in whichever international market and language.

Headless CMS

Publish everywhere and increase your page performance.

Digital Asset Manager

Organize and optimize your assets in structured folders.

Tech Ecosystem

Integrate Storyblok with your favourite marketing tools and eCommerce platforms.

Custom Workflows

Create custom publishing workflows to ensure brand consistency across your content.

Need help with your project?

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Case study

16 global websites in just 2 months.

How Oatly used Storyblok to leverage creativity and collaboration as part of their success.

“With Storyblok, you can see everything that you do in real-time, and approve changes before they go live. I think it’s the best tool I’ve ever worked with.”

Hanny Eldblom
Hanny Eldblom
eCommerce Team Leader at Stronger

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