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    Rapid change is what is defining the web nowadays. Web users crave extraordinary online and omnichannel experiences that can only be provided by the use of microservice architecture. Businesses nowadays are much more aware of the technology that is being used to build their online presence and are no longer interested in the monolithic approach of older websites. Instead, they go for microservice architectures and a headless approach that offers scalability and interchangeability.

    Although it can be challenging to build such architecture, our Certified Partner Dynamic Dog always finds the right tools in their toolbox in order to adapt to the ever-changing ecosystems. They also find Storyblok to be the ideal candidate for the microservice type of architecture they advocate.

    Dynamic Dog was founded in the glory days of 1999 by Björn Alexandersson, the company’s CEO. They are a Swedish strategic digital agency that develops concepts and digital solutions using cutting-edge technology. They go all in and always with a big heart. And they love good design with a purpose. Throughout the years, the Dynamic Dog team has worked with a variety of clients, always aiming to take on larger eCommerce projects and using their expertise to build blazingly fast sites. Today, they partner with market leaders both internationally and in the Scandinavian market, always delivering best-in-class UX design, Development, Project Management, and Web Analysis.

    image of Dynamic Dog's website

    The magic behind Dynamic Dog

    The Dynamic Dog team strives to have a close and long-term relationship with their customers. They believe that the more they understand their clients’ brand, processes, and needs, the greater value they can create for them. Their projects are based on three basic principles: being client-focused, innovative, and responsible. By working closely together with their clients, even past the initial delivery, Dynamic Dog acts as an advisor by offering strategic help when it comes to all things eCommerce and web.

    The Dynamic Dog brand is projected subtly through the quality of the team’s work. They never aim to be in the spotlight but rather try to impart a feeling of quality. Whether it's through the UX, site performance, or know-how, a feeling of satisfaction with what you are browsing or experiencing should be there when reviewing their work. What’s unique about Dynamic Dog is that they are a one-stop-shop for everything web, whether it’s UX, SEO, SEM, CRM, development, or project management, they have the people and expertise to pull it off!

    Their way of working is focused on covering the entire customer experience lifecycle of a digital project. They develop and grow their clients’ businesses and create more value for their brand through digital channels. They love structure and agile methodology. Lastly, they never stop growing by constantly evaluating new trends and technologies that improve or facilitate their work and benefit their clients.

    Best friends forever

    The Dynamic Dog team is their clients' best friend in the digital world by creating long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect. They approach each project with care and explore the needs of their clients thoroughly. After discovering the overall business objectives, they break them down to actual measurable digital targets to meet their customer's goals. This helps them show how the digital project directly impacts their business objectives. Moreover, they take full responsibility for the development and support after the launch of a project. They are continuously measuring and monitoring in order to guide their customers in the best way possible. They have a content and management team that offers maintenance, content management, and support.

    Best friends with Storyblok

    Based on technological trends and the ever-changing ecosystem, Dynamic Dog is an advocate for microservices architectures to satisfy their clients’ needs. Lucky for them, Stoyblok is one such system that is easy to plug in and start using. After using Storyblok once, Dynamic Dog immediately took a liking to the platform and since then have been using it wherever applicable.

    Quote from Simon Norberg, Tech Lead - Frontend @ Dynamic Dog

    • We chose Storyblok because of its simplicity both in setup as well as in way of working for our clients, and it shows throughout the entire ecosystem. From the Visual Editor to the GraphQL API, it’s always a pleasure to work in Storyblok as an editor as well as a developer. The TTM is shortened immensely as the setup of new components and blocks is completely frictionless and does not require any complex backend development beforehand.

      Picture of Simon Norberg
      Simon Norberg
      Tech Lead - Frontend @ Dynamic Dog

    When the team at Dynamic Dog knows the needs and requirements of their target groups, they can create a dynamic concept design of workflows, wireframes, site map, and graphic design. Their technology stack includes Next.js, styled components, TypeScript, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, C# .NET, Apollo GraphQL, and Storyblok.

    Quote from Simon Norberg, Tech Lead - Frontend @ Dynamic Dog

    • Using Storyblok has changed the way we work on both smaller and larger projects. We are no longer bound by slow and complicated deployment processes and our backend developers can focus on more complex matters.

      Picture of Simon Norberg
      Simon Norberg
      Tech Lead - Frontend @ Dynamic Dog

    Case Study: Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance

    Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance is an independent advisor who assists companies and owners with help with, for example, raising capital and advising in connection with corporate transactions. They were looking to update their brand and online presence in lieu of going public while modernizing their tech stack and finding a system in which they were comfortable working in with their content.

    Image of Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance website

    The tech stack that was used to complete the website included Next.js, Vercel, styled components, TypeScript, and GraphQL. Storyblok was seamlessly integrated into the tech stack and gave Dynamic Dog the freedom to do what they do best, and that is working with the aforementioned tech.

    Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance’s team was thrilled about the new stack. Working in Storyblok was a massive upgrade to their previous CMS and they now have the tools to empower their content editors and their brand online.

    Partner of the Month

    Dynamic Dog aims to be a partner and guide for their clients' digital journey. They are a strategic digital agency that develops concepts and digital solutions using cutting-edge technology. Their dedicated and unique approach to each project is the magic behind their formula for success and we love that Storyblok is a part of that formula. For all these reasons, and more, we are thrilled to announce that Dynamic Dog is our June Storyblok Partner of the Month.

    You can get in touch with them by visiting their website. You can also find them on our Partners List.