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Organize Your Content for the World

Organize your content for the world with the full service digital asset manager, image service, folder-based content structure, and a user activity dashboard that provides real-time insights into all content activity.

Find and manage content easily in a central content hub. Sort results by name, description, date and more. Leverage Storyblok’s advanced tagging tools to customize content organization. Track all user activity, KPIs and content updates in one central dashboard.

  • Activity Overview Dashboard

  • Advanced Search Bar

  • User Roles and Permissions

Organize and optimize all assets intuitively with Storyblok’s digital asset manager. Edit images, tag content, and add all relevant information in one central hub. Make projects faster by transforming, optimizing and caching every image with Storyblok’s Image service and global Content Delivery System (CDN).

  • Image Service and Optimization

  • Advanced Filtering and Sorting

  • Image Editor

Add extra functionality to your space through a suite of custom apps available for free on the Storyblok App store or create your own.

  • Free Apps like Tasks, Releases and SEO Optimizer

  • Custom App Options

  • Maintained by Storyblok

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