How to subscribe to a Space

The guide below will show you how to set your new payment information for your Storyblok Space.

In Storyblok you will subscribe per space, you can therefore also update your payment information in each of those spaces. After you’ve updated one of your spaces you will be able to reuse that payment information to update other spaces without re-entering your information.

Select your space

2. Select the Basic, Advanced or Premium plan

On the bottom of your Space Dashboard you will see a 4 boxes with different space plans - you can choose which one you would like to use. With the slider you can adjust the amount of users you want be able to have in your space.


After choosing the amount of users you will have to press “Subscribe” of the box you’ve choosen.

3. Final Step: Enter your credit card information

An overlay should open itself and you will be asked for your information at this point, simply fill it out and go through the subscription dialog.

Enter new information