How to get the FedEx Production Credentials?

1. Visit FedEx Web Services Page –> Select FedEx Web Services –> Move to Production –> Get Production Key
Complete the forms, then accept the agreement to continue.


2. Note down the Production Key and Meter Number displayed.
Production Account Number can be found at My Profile –> Account Management

3. Check your email associated to your FedEx account. You should receive an email with title Your developer Production Key Registration is complete, in which you can find the Production Password

Required FedEx API credentials

  • Api password
  • Api key
  • FedEx Account Number
  • FedEx Meter Number

Where to find my FedEx Account Number?

You receive your FedEx Account Number once you sign up for a FedEx Account.

If you’re looking for your FedEx Account Number, log into your account at Then click on the “Account Management” tab on the left-most menu. Your account will usually have the alias “My Account,” which will have your Account Number in the middle field of the table.